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Hops & Rain Sour Beer
Rock Leopard Brewing Co. Craft Beer Can Illustration

An illustration for Rock Leopard Brewing Co. a new craft micro brewery based in London.

The second craft beer can label I've created for Rock Leopard, the first (Savage Scene Inner City Pale Ale) took a while to envisage and was used to set the scene for the world I wanted to create for the Rock Leopard beers.
The idea for this piece came pretty quickly compared top the first beer. The name of the beer "Hops & Rain" for some reason brought snow capped mountains and lush green fields to mind.

I've always loved old animation - Early Max Fleischer cartoons like Betty Boop and Popeye and early Disney Silly Symphonies cartoons, this is where the inspiration came from in the Rock Leopard World.

Hops & Rain was sketched in pencil, then inked with Indian ink, scanned and coloured digitally with a Wacom tablet.

To make the piece wrap around the can I create an add on piece which matches each end (See video).



Hops and Rain Sour Beer Craft Beer Can Illustration

Hops and Rain Sour Beer Craft Beer Can Illustration


Hops & Rain Sour Beer- Details

Mr Hops

Mr Rain Craft Beer Character

Craft Beer Illustration - Hops and Rain

Craft Beer Illustration - Mountain Man

Craft Beer Illustration - Mountain Men

Hops and Rain Typography Craft Beer Can Artwork

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