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Crash Land - Long Story Short - Album Cover Art

I wanted to do something really different with this piece,
bringing all my skills together to make something amazing.


Created for long time friends and musicians Long Story Short.
I love working on things for people who understand that artists need to be creative. All I was given really was the album name and the idea to have a paper plane crashing, other than that complete creative freedom. - I find the more freedom I'm given in a brief the crazier the finished piece seems to become.

I woke up on News Years day 2018 a little hungover, I was staying with friends in Wales. Anna and Gaz live in the middle of nowwhere in an old farm house with a view to die for, overlooking field upon field with Pen-y-fan in the furthest distance. Upon opening the curtains that morning I had a flash of inspiration for the album cover I'd been asked to work on a few weeks prior. Coming up to Christmas I'd had quite a few commissions to complete so I had scheduled time in Janurary to make a start on this project, the timing of the inspiration was perfect.

I wanted to work differently to how I usually do, I wanted something with texture and depth, which I knew my usual illustration style couldn't provide. After getting home from Wales I was packing the Christmas tree away when another flash of inspiration came to me in the form of a snow globe. Mountains in the background with hills and a snow covered farmhouse in the forground all in little plastic layers like a sandwich. The next day I started building the "Set" for the album cover.

Long Story Short - Crash Land - Album Cover Art  Yorkshire by Lewis Ryan - Lewy



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Crash Land - Details

Long Story Short - Album Cover Art

Long Story Short - Album Cover Art

Long Story Short - Album Cover Art

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